The art and culture of Belo Horizonte is not limited to the circuits described in this guide. The following pages present locations that, despite being geographically spread out, are of great symbolic value to the capital and the metropolitan region. There are a series of museums that preserve the cultural memory of Minas Gerais, theatres that provide access to various artistic languages, and Belo Horizonte city council cultural centres that provide access to art and culture.


Casa da Cultura Josephina Bento (Josephine Bento House of Culture)

Identified as the first building in Betim, the house was built out of wattle and daub in the XVII century. Today it is a space dedicated to the memory of the municipality, culture and leisure.

Monday to Friday, 09h00-18h00

Rua Padre Osório Braga, 18, Centro. Betim/MG. CEP:32656-600

(31) 3532-2911


Casa da Cultura Nair Mendes Moreira - Museu Histórico de Contagem (Nair Mendes Moreira House of Culture – Contagem History Museum)

It tells the history of Contagem through themed exhibitions, documents and publications. It organizes actions that are focused on heritage education and assisting researchers.

Monday to Friday, 08h00-17h00

Praça Vereador Josias Belém, 01, Centro. Contagem/MG. CEP: 32017- 670

(31) 3352-5323


Centro Cultural de Contagem (Contagem Cultural Centre)

Made up of three large houses (yellow, blue and pink), the centre houses an art gallery, theatre, multi-use spaces, a library and classrooms.

Monday to Friday, 09h00-19h00

Rua Dr. Cassiano, 130, Centro - Contagem /MG. CEP: 32017-230

(31) 3352-5357


Centro de Referência da Memória de Venda Nova (Venda Nova History Centre)

The space aims to preserve the history of the Venda Nova region, organizing educational workshops and exhibitions.

Tuesday to Thursday, 09h00-12h00

Rua Boa Vista, 11, Venda Nova. BH/MG. CEP: 31515-090

(31) 3277-5533


Esquyna Espaço Coletivo Teatral (Esquyna Collective Theatrical Space)

The base of the Teatro Invertido and Mayombe Teatro groups, this space promotes small and medium-sized performances. It is recognized as space for theatrical development run by young artists.

According to programme. The ticket office opens one hour before the performance.

Rua Célia de Souza, 571 - Sagrada Família. BH/MG. CEP: 31030-500

(31) 8647-6627


Galpão Cine Horto

Established by one of the most expressive street theatre groups of Minas Gerais, the institution possesses a performance room and cinema, as well as spaces for courses and workshops. It houses the Theatre Research and Memory Centre, which contains an important bibliographic and videographic archive.

Monday to Saturday, 09h00-23h00. Sunday, 14h00-23h00.

Rua Pitangui, 3613, Horto. BH/MG. CEP: 31030-065

(31) 3481-5580


Meia Ponta Espaço Cultural Ambiente

The base of the Meia Ponta Dance Company is also a space for artistic research and reflexion. In addition to artistic performances, the institution promotes regular contemporary dance classes and studies.

According to programme.

Rua Grão Pará, 185, Santa Efigênia. BH/MG. CEP: 30150-340

(31) 3241-2020


Muquifu - Quilombo and Favela Museum

Presents the realities of life in the city and favela, drawing the visitor's attention to the outskirts.  The collection highlights the characteristics of the villages and favelas (urban quilombos) that should be valued.

Wednesday, 14h00-17h00 Saturday, 10h00-16h00

Beco Santa Inês, 30, Barragem Santa Lúcia. BH/MG. CEP: 30335-620

(31) 3296 6690


Museu da Força Expedicionária Brasileira (Brazilian Expeditionary Force Museum)

It portrays Brazil's participation in the Second World War through a collection comprised of documents, uniforms, weapons, photographs, and equipment used by the Brazilian soldiers.

Monday to Friday, 13h00-17h00 Saturday and Sunday, 10h00-13h00

Av.Francisco Sales, 199, Floresta. BH/MG. CEP: 30150.220



Museu de Ciências Naturais PUC Minas (PUC Minas Natural Sciences Museum)

It possesses one of the largest palaeontology collections in South America, which includes fossils of extinct animals, including dinosaurs, a fauna and flora collection, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 09h00-17h00 Thursday, 09h00-21h00

Avenida Dom JoséGaspar, 290, Coração Eucarístico. BH/MG. CEP:30535-610

(31) 3319-4520


Museu de História Natural e Jardim Botânico da UFMG (UFMG Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden)

Situated within an area of Mata Atlântica, the museum's collection includes pieces from the fields of Archaeology, Palaeontology, Geology, Botany, Zoology, History Cartography, Ethnography and Popular Art.  There is a library, sensory garden, ecological amphitheatre, and the Pipiripau Nativity Scene.

Tuesday to Friday, 08h30-11h30 and 13h00-16h00 Saturday and Sunday, 10h00-17h00

Rua Gustavo da Silveira, 1035, Santa Inês. BH/MG
CEP: 31080-010

(31) 3409-7650


Museu do Ouro (Gold Museum)

The museum documents the gold mining history of the former Captaincy of Minas Gerais through objects from the XVIII and XIX centuries. It also promotes artistic events, courses and workshops.

Tuesday to Friday: 09h00-17h00 Saturday and Sunday: 12h00-17h00

Rua da Intendência, s/n, Centro, Sabará. CEP: 34505-480.

(31) 3671-1848


Museu Histórico Abílio Barreto (Abílio Barreto History Museum)

The museum is responsible for the preservation of the memory of Belo Horizonte and occupies the site of the former Fazenda do Leitão, as well as a modern building. An electric tram, steam train, stage and gardens are located in the outside area.

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 10h00-17h00 Wednesday and Thursday: 10h00-21h00

Av. Prudente de Morais, 202, Cidade Jardim. BH/MG. CEP: 30380-000

(31) 3277-8573


Museu Paulo Gontijo (Paulo Gontijo Museum)

The space houses exhibitions of local artists, and artistic/cultural events. It is a listed Betim Heritage site.

Monday: 12h00-18h00 Tuesday to Friday: 09h00-18h00

Av. Governador Valadares, 115, Centro. Betim/MG. CEP: 32600-216

(31) 3532-2530.


PlugMinas – Centro de Formação e Experimentação Digital (PlugMinas - Digital Training and Experimentation Centre)

It houses a gallery of exhibits by young artists. CinePlug is a bimonthly open-air film session and discussion, with themes of interest to young people. 

Gallery: Monday to Friday, from 09h00-21h00 Saturday, 09h00-13h00
CinePlug: Thursdays until 18h00

Rua Santo Agostinho 1.441, Horto, BH/MG. CEP: 31035-480

(31) 3484-1015


Spetáculo Casa de Artes

A multifunctional space comprised of a theatre and lounge destined for exhibitions and events. There are also classrooms where theatre courses and rehearsals are held.

Office: Tuesday to Friday, from 14h00-19h00.
Ticket office: open 1 hour before performances.

Rua Pouso Alegre, 1568, Santa Tereza. BH/MG. CEP: 31015-030

(31) 3481-1670